Oh No, My Husband and Cat Are Fighting Over The Chair AGAIN

" GREEZOO!"  My husband says with mounting exasperation. "What are you doing cat? Why are you in my chair? Oh, I know. He's trying to dominate me. He wants to show he's the boss."  I quietly added a third chair to the dining table. But Mr. Greezoo simply keeps divebombing for whichever chair my hubby sits in. If he sits in the white wooden chair, Greezoo makes a beeline for that one. If my man favors the unpainted wood chair, the cat beats him to that one. I am a reluctant bystander of  "chair wars". No matter how much I pet and cajole the cat, he seems to frown and try to pre-empt husband from sitting down. Yet anytime my husband gets up to leave the kitchen cat follows him right away like a happy loyal puppy. Then cat accelerates at top speed, and pounce! Cat jumps right into hubby's office chair. Santhosh (hubby):" Ugh! He's following me! " Me: "Hun, Greezoo LOVES you.." I drawl in a syrupy voice. S