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 WELCOME to my exciting first blog: The Truth and Health. I am going to blog on simple straightforward tips on how to stay healthy from a myriad of great experts, life experience, common sense and a wealth of wisdom and research. Get ready to turn your world upside down! In case you're wondering, myriad comes from Greek and means ten thousand, which to ancient Greeks was tantamount to countless. This is long before Google, baby. And yes, I am gonna use big words from time to time in my posts. Whets your appetite for more and establishes connections between your neurons, brain cells. Keeps you younger and living longer. So read away!

Let's start by asking ourselves, what angle do we see life from? Take this photo for starters. Let's ask ourselves... Are we looking at this beautiful tree from the bottom up, from the top down, or are we admiring it from all angles? Now let's ask ourselves about a tobacco free world: an impossibility, or are we already well on our way towards building it RIGHT NOW as we speak? As we read Nikki Diamond's blog?
It is so easy when we are discouraged in life to see things in a narrow way. But when we realize that there is a living force which is simultaneously everywhere in origin and going everywhere in destination, we realize we are never alone. This tree does not need to trust that it will grow, it just grows. 

I am not a doctor, nor am I officially a minister. Yet while I may not save lives on the operating table, let me take an opportunity in creating this blog to shake up your senses and talk to you directly. Maybe you wouldn't have listened to me as your doctor anyways. Maybe the Universal Force intended it this way. I always liked that crazy Scotsman Bones, the doctor on Star Trek. Far out. Think of me as a doctor from another planet. Where NO ONE smokes. That's right. Period.

 Growing up I loved Dr. Seuss, especially the story of the pair of pants walking around animated with no human inside. And the finger with a hole at the end that accepts coins. Fascinating. Think of me as a ghostly doctor from another realm. A doctor of the soul. And a dear friend of mine used to host the punk show on CKCU, as Dr. Love. He was no doctor, that's for sure. But his last name was legally Love since birth. 

Dr. Love inspired me. He was a relentless chain smoker. When I met him at age 48 he was dying of COPD. That's Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. His lungs were shot, he needed an oxygen machine. He could barely sleep, he ate constantly, ballooned up to almost 300 pounds. He was rageful, hateful and had zero quality of life. He died at 50. Too many good men and women dying senselessly. Now I don't want you or your loved ones to end up a casualty of tobacco like Mr. Love, so after I put my grief behind me I began this blog. Perhaps I am a doctor of love in my own way, trying to help heal myself and other with love, the highest emotion,at times almost a vibration that is felt oh so subtly.

However, as much as I would have liked to choose either of these careers, my world got turned upside down. Literally. Head concussions, extremely rare medical complications...stay tuned.

 I like to think that seeing the world from an entirely different angle has made me much wiser. I believe so strongly in both physical and spiritual health that I have decided, I'm going to start writing this blog and helping as many people as I can heal. I say, "Damn the torpedoes!" To me this means to heck with the obstacles, the naysayers, the fatalists. I'm always a realistic optimist. I believe things can be done. Torpedoes come in many form. Our parents might not like us, we might not be popular in school, we might have a broken heart, or struggle with an inexplicable illness, but we can choose to become stronger no matter what we face. I am highly inspired by Nick Vujicic,  Rev Eric Butterworth and Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I no longer allow obstacles to prevent me from healing myself and others. I am a woman of courage and substance and wisdom and I will now share my wisdom with you. I don't let opposition stop me, and neither should you. I, like Nick Vujicic, have my own physical limitations which don't appear anywhere near as obvious. I did not think I could ever find employment or do certain sports because of my club feet. I can relate to Eric Butterworth because I have yearned all my life to become a minister and write books and have always felt the true purpose of prayer is to inspire me rather be relayed to an external God. Please check out Eric Butterworth's groundbreaking books, The Universe Is Calling and In The Flow  Dr. Wayne Dyer has fascinated me for over 20 years.  I, too, deeply love meditation, yoga, and the Bhaghavad Gita, Lao Tzu, and all the great philosophers. Please check out Wayne Dyer's works. I am an aspiring philosopher, poet, storyteller, and I have dedicated my life for over 25 years in volunteer work to teach, help, heal, inspire, motivate, and lead many people. And for this I feel blessed.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. May you feel blessed.

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