Going Over To Catch The Game At A Friend's? Make It A Smoke-Free Event!

Hello everybody, and a special hello to my followers here in Canada  as well as Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Finland, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Phillipines, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and United States! I realize that my earlier post today had a very Canada-Day focus, so I wanted you folks to get in on the summer fun. Tobacco-free, of course. Welcome to my blog's take on the FIFA World Cup Football Season. I show a picture from the Ukrainian national football team, as my father is Ukrainian-born and himself a big football fan. I did play "soccer" myself as a young girl, and my doctor is an ardent female soccer player.

When you get together with your buddies to watch the game at a friend's place, make it a smoke-free event! Wouldn't you guys and gals also like to be fit and on top of your game?

In order to break any habit, experts highly endorse visualization. Look at this triumphant, smiling, robust, healthy man. This can be you when you quit or help a friend quit. Just like sports is now gender-inclusive, well, quitting smoking is also, happily, gender-inclusive.

I would like to draw a parallel between the battle of the sexes here for a moment, if you will allow me. Let's be flexible, which is so valued in the sporting world. Wouldn't it be nice if smokers and non-smokers would stop pitting themselves against each other? That is one of the goals of my blog: to bring as many people together in a refreshing dialogue about what it means to truly be affected by this modern-day scourge. In tackling such a widespread problem, we cannot afford to lash out in hate or rivalry. We are both on the same team, smokers and non-smokers.

 In fact, I would like to create a whole new paradigm around smoking. Cars smoke. Chimneys smoke. BBQs smoke. People do not smoke
I mean in the sense that we do not emit smoke. Some humans hold a lighted object, a cigarette, that smokes, in that it emits smoke, and from time to time these humans inhale some of the smoke, but it would be more accurate to say the cigarette smokes us rather than we smoke the cigarette.

Along similar lines here's a second reason I do not like to keep perpetuating this old idea that there are smokers. I really believe in self-fulfilling prophecies and the Law Of Attraction. If people keep AFFIRMING that they are smokers, then they will see no good or easy reason to quit, since the stopping of smoking will negate a key part of their identity.

Therefore, to my friends who at times inhale cigarettes, you are not as enslaved as you think, and at any time you can ask for support. Those living in Canada have access to calling the Canadian Cancer Society and will find non-judgemental support. Friends of those who smoke can call as well for tips. I hope to see all countries offering such support in the near future.

I bet you would be surprised about how many posts I could write just in supporting a tobacco-free world, right? Well, it's a big job, but somebody's gotta do it. And that person is me.
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