And Germany wins Fifa World Cup with just one goal!

PHOTO: Mario Goetze of Germany celebrates scoring his teams first goal in extra time during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final match between Germany and Argentina at Maracana, July 13, 2014, in Rio de Janeiro.  I watched my first large screen FIFA game at East Side Mario's restaurant. I was rooting for Germany as I am of Eastern European Heritage. How amazing to see such tight defense. More difficult to get through than the ball hockey I used to play defense for. What a simple game this "football" seems. Just kick the ball into the net. But, oh, the obstacles to overcome. More tackling going on than a Canadian football game. Yet the European "football" has no body protection. I can't see myself participating in such a rough sport.

The word sport originally means 
  1. 1. an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.
    "team sports such as baseball and soccer"
    synonyms:(competitive) game(s), physical recreation, physical activity,physical exercise, athleticsMore

  2. 2.
    a person who behaves in a good or specified way in response to teasing, defeat, or a similarly trying situation.
    "go on, be a sport!"
  1. 1.
    wear or display (a distinctive or noticeable item).
    "he was sporting a huge handlebar mustache"
    synonyms:wear, have on, dress in; More
  2. 2.
    amuse oneself or play in a lively, energetic way.
    "the children sported in the water"

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