Finding Your Perfect Date

Oh, Man, do I ever agree!
Hello my health-seeking friends. Truly, dating is not hard nor unpleasant. If it becomes  unpleasant, stop. Say, "Thanks for your time, but, sorry, this isn't for me. Bye" Always tell the truth, briefly, with love. If dating always gets unpleasant, then the issue may be with us more than the prospective date. Let me help you.

My obstacle in dating is that I am a writer. Therefore I enjoy a lot of quiet and time alone with which to think clearly. This was not often appreciated by a lot of past dates. They thought I was lazy, a bookworm, not social or outgoing enough. And they complained I was a know-it-all. So I learned in my most recent on-line ad to say upfront in the opening lines that I love to write and crave time alone to write and shared quiet times meditating, doing yoga, going for long nature walks. At the very beginning of my ad I chose one key word below my title to summarize: INTELLECTUAL. That way I knew in case I got stuck with a bad date they were hopefully going to have some exciting scientific, political or philosophical tidbits for me to feed my brain with.

All though school I was teased and bullied. I desperately wanted to make friends, but I was operating on an adult level with an adult vocabulary. I mean, how many children read thick tomes about Napoleon and Hitler at age 8? But as long as I hid my geekiness and tried to pretend to be ultra cool, chic and Miss Popular, the harder it was for a man to appreciate my love of history, philosophy and politics.

I am updating this post so please bear with me while I flesh out these points. The rest will be back and more thoroughly expanded on in a series of posts. Thanks for your deep interest in this subject.

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