Goodbye All Clutter

Hello everybody. How is your day going so far? If you are like me, you get busy with life, then, wham, bam, you turn around and #clutter creeps up on you.

 Definition: A collection of things lying about in an untidy mes

Go ahead, guess how much litter is tobacco products? A whopping 38%! Is this possible? Let's face it, littering is bad karma. How many times a day do you have to throw out trash? Every time someone we care about finishes smoking they have trash to put out. Now I know it seems like a small thing, just half an inch, but look at the sooty, stinky mess it makes. And all those mouth germs. I totally get the concept firmly in my mind how unsavory it is to pick up a stubbed out cigarette butt and walk around with it for hours until you or your loved one who smokes finds a garbage receptacle. So, packing a portable ashtray is the way to go. Every time we sweep small particles of dust into a dustpan, just think: Dust is small, but we most certainly don't want it around.

Friends, nobody wants your cigarette butts on the ground, hell no! Man up, woman up, and take some responsibility. Time to quit littering AND I know just how you can. It's time to quit this habit that clutters up your neighbourhood, your streets, your parks, beaches, time, and relationships. We as a country are so indifferent to tobacco clutter. Why? My friends, that needs to change.

Today I made a historic phone call.  I did it. Writing this blog is empowering me. I sure hope it's empowering you.For over 14 years  I occasionally visit a place of worship that is littered with cigarette butts. I left them a polite friendly voice mail expressing my dismay that such a lovely church's entrance would be so debased by such litter. I offered to donate part or all of the cost to install a 4 foot high receptacle uniquely designed for cigarette butts. I think I will seek out another non-profit place that may need my help. Can you adopt a cigarette disposal stand? I'm going to research the official name so we can all be one step closer to a tobacco free world. Out of sight, out of mind. The less we all keep being reminded in such an ugly way about tobacco, the better.

I want to let you know that what was once a relaxing past time has now become clutter.
I want to write what no one else is writing or thinks to write about. I'm on a quest to bring about a more beautiful, healthier, cleaner planet. What do you think? Post your comments below to let me know what kind of creative projects you are embarking on. And please share this post with everyone you know. You may not just save an entrance or bus shelter, you may save a life!

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