How To Vibrate At A Higher Frequency

Folks, if you struggle with any unhealthy habit then you need to make some huge shifts in your life. Welcome to new concepts like thinking of energy as medicine.
 A long time loyal reader asked me, "Nikki, just how do I vibrate at a higher frequency?"

 I have pondered this question during January 2014, the coldest winter in Canada in 60 years. Drinking copious cups of boiled water with rosemary (try it, it's the new great tea). Frowning, sighing, meditating, soul-searching for how I would convey this in words. I promised my sister an essay for her birthday in January. Still blocked. Life is more than mysterious. It is downright scary sometimes. What if I give the wrong answer? Spirit helped me realize there is no wrong answer. We may feel like Hansel and Gretel walking into the woods, lured by seductive gingerbread houses, but we always find what we are looking for. The question IS the answer in gift wrap.

My loyal reader, Mr. H wisely asked this question. What do you mean to vibrate at a higher frequency? He kept asking me because it was my stock answer to everything he asked me. It was a trick answer. Maybe he was asking many trick questions, but then he turned around and challenged me to put it on the line. He was essentially saying, "Nik, don't just tell me to vibrate at a higher frequency. SHOW ME HOW."

I can understand why he grew frustrated. But that's good. Those were his spiritual growing pains. I'm afraid to write this blog. Afraid to show this spiritual side of me. Many acquaintances know I read a lot. No, I devour books. I have books for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all day, almost every day. Then I turned 40. A very powerful number. I was looking forward to it. I could sense my energy was shifting, a lot of my fears were lifting partly because I started vibrating at a different, more healing, more spiritual frequency. I started giving away most of my books, clothes, furniture and possessions. I couldn't stomach another book. Friends held me hostage and demanded I write. They were curious to know more about what I meant. They were tired of the opaque responses. They wanted more. This blog is dedicated to them.

For some years my response to people when they asked how to grow spiritually was, "You need to vibrate at a higher frequency." I meant to say that was the first step. People would often ask me,''Why does God/Buddha allow bad things to happen?''

 I would reply, "The answer is not ours to know, but in struggling to grow we unintentionally vibrate at a higher frequency. Praying, praying more often, praying more clearly, more sincerely, more truthfully, these spiritual actions help us vibrate at a higher frequency. That vibrational field brings to us what will in turn help us vibrate at a higher frequency."

 What is karma? I reply, " Karma is a reason, an incentive, a reward if you will, for those who are motivated by rewards to make us want to vibrate at a higher frequency (so we carry less baggage, which in turn helps us vibrate at a higher frequency.)"

 Why are we here? To learn how to vibrate at a higher frequency. The only thing we bring with us when we die is our consciousness/soul. Which is, guess what? Vibratory thought patterns, and the thoughts people still living have towards us. Our Legacy is the vibratory imprint we have left behind on those still living.
And on go the questions, but there is a pretty consistent top ten list of favourite questions people like to challenge mystics like me with.

That's ok. I am first and foremost on a spiritual path. I am used to being a spiritual mechanic, with my arms up to symbolic elbow grease wrenching and groaning over tough questions.
It's gonna get hot in here. I'm raising up the spiritual thermometer on this Terrific Tuesday.

"You Shine.You Shine." Goes a local Ottawa, Canada song. Folks, we are to shine like diamonds in the sky, like Rihanna sings in her hit song. Really, we outshine diamonds, that are just a mere thing. When I shine, trust me, it outstrips a simple hunk of stone. And so can you. Musicians and singers already intuitively know of what language I speak. All music is vibrational. Music, good music, heavenly celestial music really helps us vibrate at a higher level. (Listen to 999 hertz)

Why do I meditate? So I can vibrate at a higher frequency. You have long heard that we meditate to calm the mind. Well, too much calm equals inertia=death.We meditate to clear out the stagnant energy, then we allow the mind to really expand to broaden our consciousness. I am here to hum, to spin, to vibrate, to ripple out. You often hear that what we put out comes back to us? Yogi Bhajan said it superbly, "Vibrate the Cosmos, and the Cosmos will vibrate you."

Ultimately, what we are trying to do is get on the cosmic vibrational wavelength of something bigger than us. That Thing is so vast, so beyond any name. I could call God The Universe, but even that is too small. So I call God Truth. The Truth is a Glorious Teacher.  Bon appetit. Hope you enjoy. 

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