Overcoming Dating Fears: Why Are You Ladies Single?

Yes, Dating is Possible at ANY age!:)
Calling all you involuntary single ladies. Did you ever wonder where all the good men are? I read that 95% of all women are seeking only the top 5% of men. For example, many women draw up a list of narrow criteria. These same women won't even say hello unless an ideal man meets all of them.

Criteria are inanimate things. Height can't love you. Only a person can. So when I sought out a husband recently I concentrated on what qualities I wanted in a man rather than focusing on arbitrary limits. I decided that the main criteria for me was a loving man. For me, no matter how much wealth, possessions, knowledge or power a man has, if he does not know how to love himself and love others, then he is not a suitable choice for me.

Where are the loving men?
For me, the best places are from networking among decent, healthy friends who have my best interest in mind. And my best interest is to find a loving, caring, self-respecting man. If friends fail to find you a potential date, then find a place of worship that brings you joy and is relatively close by. Don't be shy, go check it out. It is worth as many visits as it takes to find a loving, supportive spiritual community that is friendly and welcoming with a bunch of diverse activities. Don't worry if there are few eligible bachelors. Their mothers, aunts and sisters will be at church, temple, mosque etc and trust me, these spiritually growing women are much more likely to have the type of male relatives that you want to meet.

Now, this does not mean that every eligible bachelor who attends such a spiritual community is automatically a good man. However there will be a basic foundation of a discussion of spiritual values you both share. Also trust me, by attending regularly you will develop a more loving heart. What we focus on we manifest more of in our lives and we draw like-minded people to us. And you need a caring, close-knit group of people to prop you up when you get feeling discouraged that you won't find someone. Because you will find someone in time.  Develop trust in a Life Force greater than you if your past experiences with some spiritual communities have been less than ideal. Try out some more open-minded spiritual communities like Unitarian or UNITY SPIRITUAL CENTRE .

I know up until now all my posts have been about eradicating tobacco. As a young girl growing up, I didn't want to marry a smoker nor inherit through marriage smoking in-laws. Please think wisely about this. It is so much sexier to kiss fresh breath, to know your man will live longer, to enjoy more money for funner things than tobacco and excess costly doctor's, dentist's bills.

I really value healthy living. And I rejoice every time a friend or anyone I know finds love. To me, truly loving someone is one of the most rewarding things possible. And I learnt about loving by taking care of my cat, my neighbourhood, my community coop, my place of worship and caring for elderly parents and relatives and my awesome friends. Every friendship I've made strengthened my faith in the goodness of humanity. Please don't despair in building your loving community. To the extent that you start embodying love, you will spontaneously draw more loving people into your world. Take a look at the true story of the top-notch motivational speaker and Christian Nick Vujicic and you will see, ladies, that height isn't all that necessary. A big heart is, though.

Let's all help heal someone with a broken heart. Let's not perpetuate the myth that there are not enough good men. There are all the good men that you need to look among. Now will you open your heart when ''HE" comes along? I wish you and your loved ones best success.

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