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Thanks to all of YOU from all over the world for expressing interest in my unique written ideas. Together we are empowering ourselves to see common problems from a different angle and comment and share like-minded ideas. I dedicate this post with gratitude to each one of you. You are each special and your presence in my humble simple blog is greatly appreciated.

Your views motivate me to keep writing and your interest keeps inspiring me to sustain your curiosity. Now more than ever I seek to deliver to you high-quality, powerful, life-changing ideas. Helping you and your loved ones get healthier is my first objective. This is how I may serve the world. Dear readers, I aspire to help co-create a healthier, more peaceful world.  Thank you for making my off-the-wall humour, satire and tongue-in-cheek witticisms part of your wellness journey. 
Once there was a holy man preaching to a crowd. Suddenly a heckler from the complained that the holy man was just talking feel-good mush. Abruptly the holy man yelled out at him, "Shut up you mangy son of a dog!" Enraged the heckler flew at the holy man with his fist extended. It was then the holy man smiled and said, 
"Why do you doubt the healing, soothing power of loving words when you see the power of nasty words to incite pain?"  

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  1. Congratulations!!! Your blog is very well written both informative and entertaining.Keep going and all the best.

    1. Why, thanks so much jackbliss. I am glad you are enjoying it. Be sure to subscribe and keep commenting and let all your friends know. Stay healthy