You, Yes, You, Can Phone Your City Councillor and Make Tobacco History

Hello everybody and Happy summer !
 I don't know what your summer plans are, but mine include embarking on a four month campaign blitz to help my favorite local City Councillor Mr. Mathieu Fleury get re-elected for Ward 12, Rideau-Vanier. Mathieu made history when he was the youngest City Councillor ever elected in Ottawa. He has know-how from his Master's in Kinesiology concentrating in Sports Management.

You have only to google Mathieu's landmark
52 sports in 52 weeks" short video clips introducing us to such novelties as sledge hockey and pickle ball and roller derby to learn just how committed and engaged he is.
Mathieu inspires, educates and coaches everyone in both flawless French and English towards fitness and self-management. He is a strong community builder. He's more interested in the here-and-now and working together with residents to improve and build up the community rather than generating a long list of quasi-promises. From listening to him outlay the plan to repave St. Patrick I can draw a parallel to how Mathieu wants to "renovate and smooth out" people's individual lives by getting them out and about actively participating in the collective health of the community. He is an active listener who then acts on what needs to be done. Mathieu seems to be just the right person to "climb over barriers" when faced with tough challenges like crime, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, or old seemingly intractable burdens like misplaced asphalt and late-night fireworks.

I look forward to every opportunity to go door-knocking with him. Together along with our other teams of caring canvassers we put our finger on the pulse of Rideau-Vanier. We really want to know what neighborhood issues and complaints are holding residents back, and we value knowing any issues they have city-wide. This is why we come knocking on your door. This applies if you are reading this blog in Scotland or Switzerland. Municipal politics are exciting because immediate changes come about. That dog that keeps you up at night? That graffiti-infested park across from you? Your city councillor wants to know about it! Trust me. And if you feel you are not being listened to, remember you have choices. Exercise your right to vote. Municipal politics are equally life-changing.

Mathieu's current brochure states his PLAN:

P Promoting healthy activities and improving the quality of life of our community;

P Promouvoir un mode de vie sain et améliorer la qualité de vie de notre communauté;

L Leading the way to an integrated active transportation network;

L Livrer un réseau intégré de trasport actif;

A Advancing responsible urban renewal; and

A Appuyer les projets de renouvellement urbain de manière respponsable;

N Nurturing creative thinking and innovation.

N Nourrir la croissance et l'innovation.

Folks, if YOU think smoking by-laws are top priority, please call your local city councillor and explain in details as articulately as possible how this smoke is infiltrating and damaging your quality of life. For example, in Ontario smoking is prohibited in apartment hallways, but little known fact is that second-hand smoke seeps under doorways and enters under plumbing leaks under kitchen and bathroom sinks, via electrical outlets and wafting in from balconies.

Wishing you a fun, hot summer!

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