You Are So Beautiful, Here's Why

Did anyone tell you that you were loved today? Recently? This year? Great. I'm glad to hear it. Now did anyone tell you that you are beautiful\handsome? You owe it to yourself to seek out people who appreciate you at your best. Beauty is art, whether it's your attractive way of putting words together in writing or speaking, or your pleasing way of dressing, serving food, how you maximize certain facial features or accentuate your hair. Beauty can be likened to a skill, and the good news is that anyone can capitalize on this.

 You want to look your best, I know. Well, keep it simple. It doesn't require hours of preparation. Walk to the store daily if possible to get fresh fruits and vegetables. As you walk you get exercise and a chance to meditate, or pray or visualize positive affirmations to a better day. Go to a store that makes you smile. If it's the only store, lavish the strangers with smiles and unconditional love. While feeling so relaxed you are bound to make better food choices and manage your money by not buying on impulse or as your emotions dictate. Then carrying a bit of food back home strengthens your body. You are getting sunshine and oxygen.

Now think of your personal beauty as the final product of how well you treat yourself. That is clean air, exercise, a good night's sleep and healthy social contact. The ancient art of yoga is focused on recirculating our blood and keeping everything fresh. Beauty can't be how much you spent on a cosmetic nor how much time you spent putting on beauty products. Sure, makeup helps. Just like paint on a car helps. But arguably the maintenance of the body of the car is 90% of its beauty. You owe it to yourself to surround yourself with folks who appreciate you, themselves and life and they maintain a healthy, happy, whole (balanced) life.

Everyone can maximize their potential. Now I know of the quickest way to preserve your youthful skin. Quitting tobacco. Check out my new blog devoted entirely to tobacco cessation at And setting boundaries to protect yourself from any second-hand smoke. Together let's make the world more beautiful

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  1. When we learn to seek people who appreciate us for who we are we automatically feel better about ourselves which in turn results in looking better. Many plastic celebrities who are deemed very beautiful and attractive by media actually become ugly over time due to unhealthy lifestyles and lack of real personality. They cannot hide what's missing inside despite their heavy make up or cosmetic surgery whereas even some poor people without fame or luxury look amazing and glow just because they have beautiful hearts and lead very content lives. All in all its true love that wins in the end not money, power, material wealth etc. Thanks for yet another amazing post Nikki! :)

  2. Thanks for your comments Jackbliss. You've given me lots of insights for future posts. I'm glad this "spoke" to you.

    Folks out there, what do you think?