Get #Yoga Out Of The #Yoga-Class, Please!

Love In An Elevator? Love The Stairs Instead. That's my answer to a crazy old Aerosmith rock song. Too many of us are out of shape. Few of us have opportunities to get to a #yoga-class, let alone a gym. I love taking the stairs.

Here's a true story of how I hogged the stairs and nobody minded!
One day I the night owl showed up at a lab for bloodwork at 7 am to get it over with. I forgot that between those who have to fast for 12 hours and those who have to rush to a 9-5 job,  almost everyone and his brother had the same idea. I had over an hour of waiting. So I quietly slipped out, found a clean well-lit inviting stairwell in this modest two-storey building. Oh boy, I climbed those stairs up and down for about five minutes at a time. And I would catch myself before I got too winded. Then I would switch to a gentle tai chi, and gentle standing yoga poses for five or so minutes. Subtle movements, of course, but as the minutes flew by and NO ONE came by to use the stairs, I started getting a little bolder.

I stood feet wide apart, then swung gently and loosely from side to side stretching out my sides and increasing my blood flow. Then arms extended, I rolled my fists to one side, then rolled them the other way. I stretched out both palms, pulling up gently on the fingertips. I stretched my neck side to side, did some neck rolls, then marched on the spot lifting my knees higher each minute. I sat on the stairs, and squeezed together my inner thighs, using my fists as resistance. Then I pushed my thighs outwards for a count of ten seconds, again using my hands. I'll try to get photos next time, but for now, let's get out there and exercise! Ask a friend to show you what I mean. Then back to climbing the stairs, a little faster, always listening to my body. then checked my watch, went back in the line to see what number was displayed. I literally lost track of time and they had already called my number, but only a minute ago. 

I don't do sitting. As a young girl I was quite a tomboy, climbing trees, playing sports, fixing things with my hands, and I think this is why I am in relatively better shape than most women my age in their forties. I'm all for moving it. And just yesterday I received an email from the Alzheimer society urging me to move it or lose it. Exercise staves off a lot of chronic health conditions, from overweight to depression and anxiety to warding off colds and Alzheimer's.

And if you really can't stand exercising, then fidget! While washing your dishes standing in place tighten your abdominal muscles. As you breathe in belly out, as you exhale squeeze your stomach muscles. Do your Kegels. Men, too. Squeeze your buttocks. Count to a 100. Squeeze them slowly, once every 4 seconds, Then alternate by squeezing them every 2 seconds, even every second. I'm in decent shape and most of my working out happens while washing dishes, flipping sausages (soy for me, meat for him) and waiting at bus stops and in bank line ups. Try it folks. Turn on some dance music and clean your house. Start gently at first. Warm up. You'll never see dusting and vacuuming the same way.

Life is better when we live it healthy.

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