OK, So Just What Do You Think About Pink?

A Rose By Any Other Name,  Or Colour
Does it make you smile or "blush"? Are you a lover of pink, or do you think that is just for young girls? Do you have that young daughter who demands everything from her wallpaper to bedspread to toys be a too-sweet shade of pink? And then you dread a couple years later having to hawk all her stuff at ridonkulously low prices on your front lawn and still no one buys it? Oh, I miss a stuffed pink toy poodle I had as a child.

 Does waiting in a doctor's office for too long with a pink wall annoy you or soothe you? What about the soothing pink of Pepto Bismal or calamine lotion after a horrid sunburn or wasp sting? I heard they paint some prison walls pink to reduce anxiety. Check out The Psychology of Pink Who would have known? Now that's weird. If your spouse wears it, does it look flattering and enticing? And are you man enough to sport it? I think pink looks fantastic on a man. Superb. Gentlemen, if you're single and want a lady to approach you...It's quite the conversation starter. Superb. Well, maybe I'm a little biased. It is, after all, my favourite colour.

Today let's be "in the pink." I'm wearing it right now. My hot pink Indian suit with matching scarf and pink purse and pink leopard knapsack with my pink headphones. I even have a tinge of pink in my silver glasses frames confirmed by the genius optician and wouldn't you know I even chose a pink sapphire engagement ring. Pink just puts me in a good mood. I felt so much better after I bought a faux pink snakeskin shiny leather purse. It has received more compliments than any other purse, except for my little black clutch with handles which as soon as I open it there revealed is a hot pink lining. The black exterior is even stitched together with hot pink thread. Ahhhhh. I wish my name were Pink, too.

It wasn't until the ring that I noticed this alarming trend. I thought to myself, "Whoa, there. What's up with all the pink in my life?" But I chuckled quick enough thinking,"Hey, it's my ring, I'll just donate all clothing that doesn't match." Hey! I can't help it. The ring chose me. I fell in love at first sight.

All my life I yearned for a ruby wedding ring, my birthstone. Yet when I saw the different colours and hues of ruby, I hated it. I thought it befitted an overdressed fat King Henry the 8th with his glaring eyes, jowls for cheeks, and weird hat with too much fur.

Do you like pink wine? Do you eat your meat pink (rare)? What about pink sunsets? Is your favorite flower pink? How many things a week or month do you eat that are pink? Pink popcorn, pink ice cream, whether strawberry, cherry, bubblegum or cotton candy? Pink desserts, pink yogurts, pink cheeses flavored with pink peppercorns... Have a pink picnic!

There is something playful, something light hearted about such a warm, well, rosy color. Enjoy some pink in your day. It is considered by many to be the colour of unconditional love. Now that sounds rosy.


  1. I like pink, though I like all color's. Honestly I think pink looks just as good if not better on men then woman. My brothers wear pink, and they don't feel a bit weird about it. IDK what my favorite color is, or if I even have one, but pink is one that looks very flattering on me. It's warm, and brings out the rosey in my cheeks. What is my favorite pink things ? Baby pinglets, they are so so sweet and cute, with adorable noses. :)

  2. Hi Abigail. Always good to hear from you. Thank you for mentioning your favourite pink thing. Yes, I certainly find all animals loveable and I'm a fan of Miss Piggy and piglets are adorable. I dream of a pink grand piano. I have to confess I am a pink freak.