People Are More Important Than Diamonds

I calmly looked with my mum's help for about five minutes, saw nothing, then decided to call the jeweler's before they closed. Because I had purchased lifetime insurance for my ring, I was doing fine. They informed to simply bring in the ring. No cost to fix. I pretty much knew they would be helpful. I learned a valuable lesson. It is just a ring, I kept telling myself. Years ago I would have been frantic and angry.

You see, a good friend of mine told me as I was getting in her car and cautious not to make a mess
 " Oh, don't worry about it.  The car's just a thing. We need to learn to love people and use things, rather than use people and love things." The husband I married is far more valuable to me than the ring.

That's pretty much the philosophy here at The Truth and Health. Hope you enjoy. Keep coming back.


  1. I am not a huge fan of traditional and don't see the wooptido about diamonds. Yes, they are pretty, but prettier then other gems ? I don't really feel so, and while I do love rings, I don't know if I would ever want to wear a wedding or engagement ring 24/7. I am however sentimental beyond belief, so if I lost anything I held so dearly to me I would be balling my eyes out. I am glad to see that you found your stone. So here's a quick query. Why the diamond in Nikki Diamond ?

  2. Hi Abigail Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am glad my stepfather found the original sapphire. To answer your question I feel a kinship with diamonds, much like some people feel a resonance with a certain animal or plant. Diamonds are the hardest and toughest substance.

  3. I guess I can empathize with that, because I could imagine I might feel the same about fairy dust (if it was not make believe). I grew up with the last name Trinity, and never felt really comfortable with that name as people would ask me if it was made up. Alexis is actually my middle name, and not my last name at all. These days I used my children's last name as my own. I don't know who I feel like. Trinity, Foster, or Alexis, I guess all and none, and everything in between. I guess I'm still finding myself.

    Anyways, keep sparkling ! :)

  4. Hey Abigail, I know lots of fairie minded individuals, never heard of fairie dust though. I believe here at The Truth and Health about being true to thyself. You will gain as much from the process of finding your true name as the name itself. I refused to collaborate on a website because it had Trinity in its title. I am a Unitarian for over 25 years. And for over 25 years the First Unitarian Church in Ottawa sings at each and every service, " Chalice, chalice, Burning bright,/ Help remind us with your light,/ Of how we ought to live each day,/With Love and Truth helping lead the way.
    I do not resonate with Trinity either as I'm not a Trinitarian. 99% of Christians are. I go so far as to identify as a Eastern mystic Unitarian. I encompass all religious faiths.