The Professor in Germany Doesn't Accept Male East Indian Interns?

India, the great land of Gandhi, the Bhagavad Gita, the birthplace of many spiritual leaders has been unfairly tainted by a female professor in Germany. The professor made an illogical sweeping generalization  that India has a disproportionately high number of men who rape, so therefore any man from India is dangerous and should not be allowed to work with her students.

I can't believe that ALL MEN in India are regarded so suspiciously. The vast majority of Indian and other South Asian men should not be blamed for the random chaotic acts of a few disturbed individuals. I am appalled how many of my Canadian women friends would never date an Indian man. Let me establish something here.

India is a country of very high moral standards. Yes, there is some political corruption. This happens in most countries, to a greater or lesser extent. What I am talking about is that India has a much stronger sense of family and a very high respect for mothers and women. Look at their female heads of state. Indians still marry much younger than their Western counterparts. And rape is very high in Canada. Perhaps the professor in Germany should decline to work with Canadian and American males. After all, 1 out of 4 North American women having undergone sexual assault...

The public outcry and mass demonstrations in India were not because rape happens to 25% of women, 1 out of 4. That is how many women in CANADA are sexually assaulted, yet you see no Canadian outcry. The percentage of women  sexually assaulted in India is much lower. Much, much lower. India was outraged because they DO NOT tolerate rape whatsoever. Many Indians are demanding castration and the death penalty. I find this an extreme punishment, yet I understand why Indians are so angry. I am angry that this professor is creating hysteria and shutting out a whole country just because its country spoke out so vividly against rape. What irony.

So, what is really behind this erroneous fear of Indian men? Most Indian men I know go beyond the call of duty in being highly respectful, ethical, ultra kind and helpful. These illusory fears strike me as being racist.

I have heard for years of this racism towards South Asian men. The fears range from."They smell different..." to "They must all beat their women,.." to "They expect to be served like a king."

No one man in India is like any other. Some men might be more traditional,  but still, Indian culture places such high value on women unlike North America and Europe. In Hinduism the Hindu priest has more authority than the father, but the mother has more authority than the priest! 

I take it seriously when any person of any ethnicity is raped or mistreated in any way. In no way am I making any allowances for any mistreatment, especially rape. But all of India can not be scapegoated because of unusual recent trends. Rape is more prevalent in the North part of India, especially Delhi, the capitol of India which attracts a huge number of people seeking government work. A large number of these are single men seeking good jobs precisely to set themselves up to become husbands. As we all know, India has a very fast growing, staggeringly huge population. But do people realize that there are over a million males in Delhi extra than females, one of the highest imbalances in the male to female ratio anywhere in the world?

Western influences are on the rise, destabilizing cultural traditions and norms. None of this justifies any woman being hurt... And, yes, women are reluctant to come forward to the police, but they are also reluctant in Canada and other more developed nations. So, do you really think the rape is affecting 25% of Indian women? It is happening in India to a far lower percentage of women, but because of the astronomical population and the rapidly increasing media attention and public outcry, the numbers seem so large.

In India, rapes happen more between strangers, whereas rape in North America is between acquaintances, known as date rape. It seems rape between strangers bothers people much more, yet rape is rape. It would sadden you to know that Canada didn't criminalize a husband raping his wife until 1984, and Germany didn't criminalize marital rape until 1997, and Iceland, reputed to be such a feminist country, did not criminalize marital rape until 2007!!!

Let me make this more clear, I am very happy I married an Indian man. I am blown away by his calm demeanor, his serenity, his meditative nature, his very constant kindnesses towards our cat, family, friends and everyone we meet. I would never hesitate to recommend an Indian man as a suitable husband and father to all my peers. It's high time the record be set straight. Indian men deserve our highest regards. Love is stronger. People are tired of myths and generalizations. Racism solves no problems. Rape has no ethnicity.

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