How To Meet Your Future Spouse On-Line

Yes, you CAN meet the love of your life, even your wife (or hubby) online. I met my husband on plenty of fish. I had tried unsuccessfully two other times, but I learned from my errors and got closer to knowing. 

 #1 Your photo needs to be very recent, very accurate, detailed and very captivating. Your current hair colour, hairstyle. Your photo is your other's first impression of you. Come on, this is the selfie generation, people. Be sure to take photos outdoors as natural light is the most flattering. Never wear sunglasses or caps. Take at least 8 photos, realistic, if you wear glasses make some with but also make some without. Make some in your party outfit, work clothes. Show the fullness of your life. 

#2 Write a very detailed PRECISE bio of who you are, get it proofread and ask your closest friends if it is a full, accurate and precise description of your true personality. 

#3 Describe how you live right now, describe your deal-breakers and deal-makers. DO NOT talk about clich├ęs like enjoying movies, sunsets or chocolates. The more you focus on your specific, unique strengths without exaggerating them, you will succeed. 

For example I specified in my ad I am a writer seeking no children, cats were crucial, I want to study writing and religion, I can't stand tobacco, not a morning person, church is vital and I want to travel and do charity work. I am crazy about classical music. In 2 hours I found my husband. Yes. Because I honed in on exactly what I wanted. We talked on the phone that night, we met the following day. We were engaged in 5 months and are now happily married 4 years and going strong.

#4 To the ladies: Ignore all replies that are only one word, like hi, ignore most replies (bite the bullet, there are lots of perverts out there, just expect them but dodge them and block), screen for complete sentences that are friendly, respectful and lively, either having humour or respectful playfulness. If the guy interests you after chatting for a week or two, MEET in a public place at least 2-5 times only. Do NOT chat online endlessly, it's a complete waste of time. Your goal is a DATE, not an online pal. Do NOT say, Let's be friends, because friends don't date, and you DO want more than friendship in the near future if things work out, right? So seek courtship, not platonic friendship. Friendship is 99% of marriage, but you want some romance too, right? If you are up for it, conduct your own Advanced Search on pof, where you set the parameters for if you only want to meet marriage-minded men, etc.

 #5 To the gentlemen: Take more pics, we are visual, too. Please, don't upload only one photo with sunglasses and/or a cap. It looks like you have something to hide. Describe more about yourself 

To those of you on plenty of fish, which is where I met my husband, I can't emphasize this enough...if you NEVER, EVER want to get married then under Relationship Goal on plenty of fish put Long-term. If you NEVER want to do anything other than date select Dating. Please, do not make the mistake of putting Dating because you are not interested in marriage in the next 6 months. If you want to get married should the right gal come along, you will not find a wife listing long-term or dating. Trust me on this. Best Success.


  1. Completely agree...
    we will always need more spiritually-minded people to elevate the human consciousness.