Can My Home Be Too Clean?

There are a variety of ways I would feel, and then there are a variety of ways I would politely respond if someone said my home was too clean. First, I would be dang glad that my home would be too clean. But I would refrain from gloating about it around such a person who would make such a backhanded compliment-comment. If they are clearly laughing, joking and teasing I would tease back, ‘Ah, it’s such a problem, eh?’ If they say it once, I would respond with, ‘Ah, well, you know…’ while I smile softly. The answer in and of itself, trailing off like that, unfinished suggests that I don’t have anything to defend, to add, it is not worth responding to, or I am not in the least bit upset that my home is too clean, nor am I upset with the person saying it, as it is their (silly) opinion(that they should have kept to themselves) oh, I see, they are saying it to make me feel bad? About having a clean home? Best not to point out their insecurities.
Lol, I had some random stranger compliment me for spending 30 minutes cleaning up my closest park for once in 4 years, and yet 10 minutes later another random stranger tried to stop me from cleaning it. I like to laugh and I plan to do so more often. Cleaning, writing, laughing: survey says, they are good for health. Complaining and attempting to make others feel small: not healthy. It’s worth tipping the balance. Enjoy your too-clean home, wink.
PS (Now, about the rare individuals who may have an obsessive- compulsive disorder to clean non-stop or at inappropriate times: ask yourself if your cleaning is preventing you from socializing, relaxing, entertaining, being friendly, etc. You know the answer hopefully :)

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